1987 – Roche

Sometimes here in the OldVelos office on a Monday morning, before the CafeVelo coffee kicks in we discuss our weekend.

Invariably people talk about their ‘Sunday spin’.  A recurrent theme is the bikes that we encountered.  Sometimes you hear comments like ‘You should see the new XXX carbon rocket’ from ‘insert  current flavour of the month here‘, beautiful’.  What you never hear is ‘You should have seen the 10 year old carbon Team Replica’.

Funny that when people talk about old steel bikes the vocabulary is a bit different, you hear words like ‘stunning’, ‘craftsmanship’ and of course ‘desire’. Fortunately there are a growing number of companies that have the passion to produce this type of timeless art.

With that in mind we had a look at what is coming out of the Officina Battaglin factory in Marstocia. They seem to have captured the whole ethos of beauty, form and function when it comes to frame manufacture. There is not one frame in their Limited Editions that we would not be happy to have and ride. For example have a look at the soon to be released Stephen Roche tribute frame.

Here is what Officina Battaglin has to say about their 1987 frame:-

In 1987, Roche was riding a Battaglin, a bike which quickly became the icon of professional cycling’s success. Officina Battaglin, are now once again building exclusive steel frames using the same process and tooling of 30 years ago.

If you want to own a ‘soon to be classic frame’ there are a limited number of the Stephen Roche tribute frames available on their website. If you want to make the investment here is the link: http://officinabattaglin.com/1987. – be sure to mention you are an OldVelos enthusiast

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