OldVelos Festival of Cycling 2022

I started a vintage bike project during lock down, It’sĀ  a1986 vitus carbon 3, it was missing the SSC1000 group set & for over 2yrs now I have just managed to complete the set by getting parts as you all know from far & wide, sometimes buying another bike just to get one part šŸ™„,
it was the entusiasuim of the oldvelos from the footage I had come across on Facebook a couple of years ago that gave me a purpose of completing the bike in such detail, for me to attend the festival one day & share the knowledge I have gained during the long process of the build with fellow cyclists that would appreciate my effort, that little dream I had from the start ( that cost me a small Fortune & the wife is still none the wiser to this day šŸ¤” & why we had no holidays for 2yrs šŸ˜œ)
It came to fruition last weekend, when I attended the festival & I can honestly say that I can’t wait for next year,I had such a great time meeting all that attended,
I was made very welcome by all, had loads of laughs & cried also sharing the pain from the hills on our route that was put together by the Brendan, paul & the rest of the oldvelos team
To all kinds of cyclists from vintage or modern bikes I would highly recommend the oldvelos festival of cycling, It’s a chance to get out on your bike & have a different kind of cycle that’s relaxed & fun & most important it’s with great people

Thanks to all involved
See you all next year,