Bike of the Month – August 2021

This months ‘Bike of the Month’ is possibly not what you would expect on this site but when we saw the care and attention to detail that Jonny Miller put into this restoration we just had to share it. Below the gallery there is a video of the restoration. At the end of the video there are the details of a number of contacts that may be useful to anyone taking on this type of project.

Bicycle Make:           Dursley Pedersen

Bicycle model:          Gents 3 speed

Date of Manufacture:    1909


As many as possible Original parts refurbished and reclaimed Some NOS and re manufactured parts from Dursley Pedersen NVCC club members

Other information:     

This bike was obtained by my Wife’s Grandfather in the 1980s when Cork Bicycle shop Kilgrew Cycles relocated . The bike had been badly damaged and neglected with serious damage to the frame tubes and wheel rims. It  then lay in my Wife’s grandfathers shed until he passed in 2019 and then the family kindly offered the bike to me. At first none of us knew what it was , as it looked like no bicycle we had seen before however the Internet is a great thing and soon we were now exploring a new sub culture of the Dursley Pedersen enthusiasts !

Its taken 18 months and the help of many skilled friends to bring this marvel back to a sympathetic  if not showroom restoration.

The restoration and some background on the Dursley – Pederson

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