What inspires the OldVelos Vintage Classic?

Did you ever ask yourself  why do Brendan and Alec. spend so much time and effort organizing the OldVelos Vintage Classic? Perhaps this video will help explain the passion that inspires the event. Of course it wouldn’t happen without the dedicated team of volunteers from all over Ireland ( and Italy!) and of course our generous sponsors.  The volunteers are many but we will name a few; Tom Beck from Cloyne in Cork, Katia & Eoin from Dublin, Paul Carroll from ReBike Waterford, Nial & Shea from Kildare, Eamon Hartley from the wilds of the Comeraghs and conspicuous only in his absence Paul Musgrave (of Longford Tractor Spares). Peter Meaney and Martina Hughes who marked the route, nobody got lost so job well done! Long days work there!

…. and last but not least the road captains, moto marshals, broom wagon drivers and of course the Portlaw Red Cross whose services we did not have to avail of due to the diligence of the road captains and moto marshals!


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