Bike of the Month – February 2020

Bicycle Make:           Gianni Motta

Bicycle model:          Personal

Date of Manufacture:    1989


The Campagnolo Croce D’Aune groupset used on this bike had a very short production life (1988 – 1989). One of the interesting features of this groupset is the innovative design of the CROCE D’AUNE derailleur. This was seen as an improvement on previous systems and achieves its efficiency through Campagnolo’s patented” “TWIN-AXLE System”. For some reason this design feature was discontinued. This groupset also used the beautiful, much maligned, Delta brakes.

Other information:     

As you can see from the photographs this bike is definitely not a ‘Trailer Queen’ and has been used in many L’Eroica events and hopefully will see service in Gaiole again in 2020. Once again we have to thank Andrea Virgillito ( #virginski on Instagram ) for the superb photographs)

Does your bike have what it takes to be the OldVelos ‘Bike of the Month’? The owner of February’s BotM will receive a prize of a Park Tools SCW-15 pedal / cone spanner. The entry form is located <here>

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