OldVelos at Eroica California

This years Eroica California saw OldVelos from California, Wales and Ireland convening at a secret location close to Cambria for a few days of intensive training and merry making. (Many thanks to Stacy and Richard  who captured the event on camera and has made the photos and videos available for use on the website.)

Sunset in Cambria

It was obvious from the outset that some members needed to work on the ‘OldVelos Pose’ but after careful practice and coaching I think you will agree that they all ‘nailed it’

Top marks went to Greg for his unique interpretation of someone who has just completed the entire route without breaking into a sweat or walking any of the climbs.

The ‘Kline’ party had their own unique way of preparing  and ‘pre-hydrating’ on the way to the event, as you will see below, now you know why the event sometimes is referred in the OldVelos community as  BeEr’oica:


The OldVelos male voice choir


None the less Eroica California was not just about posing and there were some beautiful bikes on show in the ‘Concurs d’Elegance’

…. and of course there was the event itself !!

The Piedras Blancas Route:

Finally, the proof that Greg didn’t even break a sweat on the climbs!

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