OldVelos Festival of Cycling 2023

OldVelos cyclists, we’ve great news for you!

The OldVelos Festival of Cycling on September 16th at Curraghmore House is being designated by us as a meet and ride out. What does this mean for and for us:

For you: 

■ You get to meet up and enjoy a leisurely club type spin on a pre-determined course with like minded enthusiasts.

■ You get to choose from 25 / 40 /55 mile courses

■ Choose the route best for you and no one gets left behind

■ No pre-registration or event entry fee

■ Pay a charge on the day to cover entry to Curraghmore House

■ Bring or Purchase your own provisions

■ Sell or swap parts with friends

■ Vote for the winner of the Concours d’Elégance

 What does this mean for us:

● We get to enjoy you enjoying our meet

● We don’t need to stress about expectations (or the weather!)

● With the resources we have we are reducing the ‘organising’ to a minimum

● We get to ride our bikes

● We get to enter the Concours d Elégance

● We get to dream big for 2024.

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