OVC Overview

The ‘OldVelos Cycling Festival’ is an annual event that is an opportunity for enthusiasts to show and compare their prized bikes, discuss their next build and even source parts. Most important of all it is a chance spend time cycling with other like minded people. The Festival consists of (more activities may be added) ‘The OldVelos  Vintage Classic’, Tweed & Twine Cycle, Concours d’Elegance’, Reliability Trial and ‘Bike Jumble’.

Tweed & Twine Cycle

The Tweed & Twine Cycle celebrates the humble bicycle (in particular the High Nellie) which was once the preferred mode of transport in Ireland. It will start at Curraghmore House on the 17th September 2022 and follow the Greenway route before returning to Curragmore House (the historic home of the 9th Marquis of Waterford) for a picnic on the grounds. This will be a round trip of 25 miles (40 kms). The format of this event will be similar to the ‘Tweed Run’ events run in the UK. We have named this event  the ‘Tweed & Twine’ run in acknowledgement of the often preferred method for reducing the aerodynamic drag (ie tie them with twine !) of tweed jackets adopted by our cycling predecessors!

Here is the link to the Strava map for the Twine & Tweed route: https://www.strava.com/routes/23953779

Reliability Trial

A new event at the OldVelos Cycling Festival 2022 will be a ca. 10mile Reliability Trial on Saturday the 17th at 6pm.
What’s a Reliability Trial?   Reliability Trials are not races, but are rides which emphasise fitness, self reliance and navigational skills.
What’s the course? All we’re telling you now is it will be circa 10miles, and doable for all levels of fitness (no high mountains!), otherwise we’re not telling you!   At race-start you will receive a map which shows the course, you must navigate it.  The course will include gravel, road and boreen sections.
What bike should I use? There will be both a vintage and modern bike section.  You do not need a gravel bike nor cyclocross tyres, though they may help.  19mm tubs are not advised.
Are there prizes? As this is not a race, there are not 1,2,3rd prizes.  OldVelos may however recognise ride times, navigation and efforts of merit.  
Is there an entry cost? Riders must pre-register and cost is €15 for Cycling Ireland members. Please enter here: https://eventmaster.ie/event/3mzmux4tZW

Here is the link to the Strava map for the route:  https://www.strava.com/routes/2984101832747706004

The OldVelos Vintage Classic:-

The  OldVelos Vintage Classic will start and finish at Curraghmore House,  it will take in part of  Waterford Greenway, on the 18th September 2022. Riders are encouraged to use vintage bikes and kit but modern bikes will be allowed. There will be a stop for Coffee & Cakes at Coachhouse Coffee on the Greenway. There are three routes. Please be aware the long route is for the serious enthusiasts.

OldVelos Short Course: https://www.strava.com/routes/2997636995159376076

Recommended Route (please note route starts at Curraghmore House and does not include Mahon Falls).

OldVelos Long Route (please note route starts at Curraghmore House and includes Mahon Falls).

The ‘Concours de Elegance’

This is a fun event and the winner takes home home the coveted original ‘Longford Vintage Tractor Spares‘ perpetual trophy. The winners in each category will also receive a prize to take home with them.  To facilitate our Judges bikes should be entered in advance using this entry form.

Details of the Competition

Best Original: The paint, decals and any chrome must be original. The components can be original or period correct replacements. Wear and tear items (tyres, brake pads, bar tape, cables and cable housings) are allowed but should be similar to the originals.

Best Restored: The frame has been repainted and/or re-chromed with new decals. The components can be original or period correct replacements. Wear and tear items (tyres, brake pads, bar tape, cables and cable housings) are allowed but should be similar to the originals.

Best French: Highest scoring French marque.

Best Dutch & Belgian: Highest scoring Dutch or Belgian marque.

Best Italian: Highest scoring Italian marque.

Best UK & Ireland: Highest scoring UK & Ireland marque (Pre Brexit).

Peoples Choice: Any bike, anything goes, the people vote!

Keeper of the Flame: Steel bike of any age that our judges think best reflects the ethos of OldVelos (This award is sponsored by Donard Bikes )

The judging has a strong subjective element. So as long as nobody takes this too seriously (for instance no appeals of judge’s decisions are allowed) and everyone comes to enjoy the camaraderie of like-minded enthusiasts, this event will be a success.

All entries are marked out of a total score of 100. Points will be awarded as follows with deductions for any flaws, incorrect components, errors etc.

Frame paint and finish: 25 points

Component finish: 25 points

Period correctness: 25 points

Mechanical condition: 25 points

To enter the OldVelos Vintage Classic, the Twine & Tweed cycle or Reliability Trial:
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To enter your bike in the Concours d’Elegance or book a place for the Bike Jumble <Click Here>