Provisional timetable for Grass Track Events

 Event Number:Event# HeatsEstimated start time:
 1Accreditation / 500 metres TT1 11:00
 2Pursuit Track bikes414:00
 2Pursuit Group ‘A’ CX bikes414:20
 3Pursuit Group ‘B’ CX bikes414:40
 42 kms Scratch Track bikes Senior115:00
 51 kms Scratch Track Bikes Junior115:10
 6Pursuit Group ‘A’ CX bikes Semi final215:15
 7Pursuit Group ‘B’ CX bikes Semi final215:20
 8Pursuit Track Bikes Semi final215:25
 9Pursuit Group ‘A’ CX bikes final215:30
 10Pursuit Group ‘B’ CX bikes final215:35
 11Devil track bikes115:45
 12Inter Club 4 person Italian Pursuit115:55
 13Mixed (Junior / Women / Men) Italian Pursuit CX bikes116:00
 14One Mile (Track Bikes)116:10

1  Part of the accreditation will include a 500 metres TT. The time achieved will be used for the seeding for the pursuit.