VeloExpo/Show’n’Shine and Bike Swap Meet at ‘Bike Town’ in the Sundrive Velodrome

OldVelos ran their first VeloExpo in 2014 to celebrate the arrival of the Giro d’Italia arriving in Dublin. That was ten years ago! In the mean time we have grown and have staged many bike shows and and of course the annual popular ‘Concours d’Elegance’ competition in Curraghmore House. What always surprises us is the amount and quality of the bikes on show.

In 2023 we were asked by the organisers of Bike Week if we could do a similar type of event again but this time at the Sundrive Velodrome. The event proved to be a great success as you will see from the slideshow below. There were not only classic vintage but also some beautiful Street Bikes owned by members of Fixed Wheel Dublin

This May (2024) to celebrate Cycling Week the VeloExpo/Show’n’Shine is returning to Dublin and will be held on 19th May in the Velodrome at Sundrive . This years event will be a lot bigger and the theme is ‘Bike Town’.

One of the objectives of this event is to celebrate the longevity of bicycles and instructing cyclists on how to maintain their bikes and keep them functioning safely and efficiently. The other objective is to demonstrate how versatile and enjoyable bicycles can be, particularly in an urban environment

If you are a Vintage bike enthusiast and would like to show your bike (or bikes) please complete the entry form located here: <Entry Form> There will be awards for ‘Best of Show’, ‘Best Vintage’ and ‘Best Fixie’. The winners will be decided by a public ballot.

If you have bike parts you want to sell or swap you can book a pitch in our Swap Meet. To book a place please use the form located here: <Swap Meet> .

OldVelos accept no responsibility of liability for the items on sale. Caveat Emptor!

The event will be open to the public from 12:00 to 16:00. There will be a number of people selling vintage parts and bikes so this could be a good opportunity to find the parts you need for the next restoration you are planning!

Due to insurance and safety concerns we will not be running a ‘ride out’ but it could be an opportunity to meet like minded people and join them for a spin.

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