Bike of the Month – September 2020

This month’s ‘Bike of the Month’ is from Dublin, Ireland. It was built for restaurateur and racing cyclist, Romano Morelli. Romano’s restaurant on Capel Street is a well-known haunt for cyclists not only because of his homemade pasta and pizza but also for the interesting cycling related décor. His menus are shaped to resemble category winners from the Grand Tours! The bike is a Moulton Speed made in 2020


Mixture of Compagnolo 80th Anniversary Group and Moulton custom made components. The frame is hand made from aerospace grade stainless steel. This is thenew Speed model, which features the space frame design that first appeared in 1980. Normally Moulton only sell complete bikes but on this occasion they relented to build one using Romano’s 80th Anniversary Campagnolo groupset. At the rear is the Hydrolastic® rubber spring with adjustable fluid damping and the front incorporates an adjustable leading link front suspension. This is a type of suspension more often seen on motorcycles with sidecars.

Other information:

Romano was invited to visit the factory in Bradford on Avon before he placed his order. After spending the day riding one of their test bikes he was hooked, just like one of the trout in the nearby river Avon ! There was a long wait before the bike arrived but judging by the smile on his face when he ride this beauty we suspect his patience was rewarded!

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