Bike Week 24 / Bike Town

To celebrate Bike Week 2024 OldVelos partnered with Bike Hub Crumlin to create ‘Bike Town’ in the Sundrive Velodrome. The aim of the event was to celebrate the longevity of bicycles and to demonstrate how versatile and enjoyable bicycles can be, particularly in an urban environment.

For those interested in restoring Vintage bicycles a number of vendors had rare and desirable components for sale for those project bikes that enthusiasts enjoy working on and riding. Who knows at next years events we will, hopefully, see some of these components displayed on bikes in the Show’n’Shine.

The Show’n’Shine was an opportunity for enthusiasts to display their work and enjoy meeting like-minded people. The standard of bikes on display was outstanding and as good, if not better, than what you see at this type of event worldwide. It was great to see people who have not had the opportunity to see this standard of workmanship interacting with the owners.

To add an element of fun to the event visitors were allowed to nominate their favourite bike by a secret ballot. Deirdre Kelly of Dublin City council presented the trophies to the winners. The award for ‘Best in Show’ went to the very rare C4 Joker of Oliver Larkin (we have heard that he might be considering selling it). The result for ‘Best Vintage’ was surprising ! Brian McKenna the winner of the ‘Best Vintage’ award has assured us that the McKenna family will be working on their bike over the next year in preparation for next years show!

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