Competing with Covid

10 Tips from OldVelos for Level 5 Leagues

Stay safe folks. Follow the rules. Wash your hands. Watch your mental Health. Oh, and you can still compete too.  The East Cork branch of OldVelos have been organising cycle races and challenges since Covid began.  Here are top tips for clubs and groups of friends.

What do you need? A dedicated organiser and score recorder, an enthusiastic group of cyclists regardless of ability, Strava, a few prizes and a Whatsapp Group or Private Facebook page.

When should challenges take place? Over a week or two, bear in mind participants different work patterns or care responsibilities.  It might be harder for some riders to find the time than others, if needs be you can include Zwift rides.

What’s with the feet and miles? Partly because that’s the lingua franca of OldVelos, partly for a love of the history of cycling.

Why a League? If the organiser is willing to do the donkey work, a league motivates everyone to do better over time.  With novelty points, handicapped results and mini-teams you can keep everyone in with a shout!

Keep it quirky: Reward novelty, allow points for photos and the like, extra points for vintage bikes!

Level 5 Leagues

Level 5 Individual Challenges within your 5km

Between Will Rock and a Hard Place

Fastest and Quickest

  • Week 1: Fastest Flying Start mileeveryone can find or make a flattish 1 mile segment in their area.
  • Week 2: Quickest Hill Climbdespite using different climbs winner can be decided by average speed.
  • Week 3: Fastest 3 Mile Ridepart of this challenge is to find the best road to ride!
  • Week 4: Combination of 1,2 & 3all to be done again, but on the same day.
Brendan on his ‘Flying Gate’

Climbs and Punishment

  • 1st 11 days (2 weekends) –Alpe to Everest. Climb Alpe d’Huez in the Shortest distance, including team prize for the first to summit Everest. Riders can retry over the 2 weeks.
  • 2nd 11 days (2 weekends) – 3 Mile High. Climb every hill in your 5k in one ride. Highest wins.
  • Week 4 or final week – Hour of Power. Who can go the longest, fastest, highest in an hour.

Trials and Tribulations

  • Week 1 – With enough riders in your 5km, it’s possible to create a mini league Short Course TT, ours was 8 miles.  Bear in mind safety: all left hand turns and no crossing roads.
  • Week 2 – With week 1 results, apply the handicap.  Fastest is scratch, taking their time apply handicaps between fastest and slowest.  Leave room for improvement, e.g. 2mins slower gets 1:30 handicap.
  • Week 3 & 4 – as above. Ensure to give league results weekly to keep people motivated.
The result sheet of a dedicated timekeeper

Let us know your ideas – we’ll be happy to give them a try!

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