Here comes the Sun (Wasp)

Christopher Hammond bought this frame last year. By coincidence or maybe by plan it was made in 1964 which was the year of his birth. It is a rare Sun Wasp one of possibly 100 that were made. It made in the Carlton factory  in  Worksop which would explain why is looks so much like their  ‘top of the range’ Carlton Flyer. The excellent paint job was executed by Dave Colbeck and he managed to replicate the original colour scheme. The intricate lug lining was done by another very skilled artisan Martin Battison.

When I first saw the rejuvenated frame I thought of the line from the wonderful Lennon–McCartney song from the decade when this frame was built: ‘Here comes the sun, and I say It’s all right’ . This frame, of course is more than ‘all right’!

Christopher is currently gathering and trying to decide on what components he will use on the build. Personally I would like to see him use the beautiful Williams chainset, he has, with the fluted cranks, the GB Coureur 66 brakes and perhaps Benelux Super 60 rear derailleur if you could find one and of course GB Maes bars and stem!

Hopefully the owner will share the finished build with us on this site.

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