The Carlton restoration has at last been completed!

Visitors to this site may remember the start of the Carlton restoration, for those that don’t I have once again included the video below:-

The restoration took a lot longer than we anticipated as some of the parts proved difficult to source. We feel the time was well spent and you can decide when you see the slide show. I tried, as far as possible, to keep as close as possible to the original specification. The specification is as follows:-

  • Carlton Giro d’Italia frame 1968
  • Stronglight 93 Chainset (from the bike jumble at l’Eroica)
  • Malliard pedals
  • Christophe toe clips and straps.
  • Simplex gears
  • Universal brakes and levers (levers NOS from Steel Vintage in Berlin)
  • Campagnolo large flange hubs
  • Campagnolo seatpost
  • Unicanitor saddle (eBay)
  • Cinelli bars and stem
  • Milremo handle bar plugs (eBay)
  • Paint by Donard Cycles
The original colour scheme from 1969, the restoration has the 1970 scheme.

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