Bike of the Month

This months Bike of the Month is this  Paul Musgrave’s Motobecane, believe it or not the finish is original! This vintage French Motobecane “Equipe Pro” (also known as “Team Pro or Special Pro” ) Bicycle, dating from 1982, has the “full” French groupset, This is the same bike as the MOTOBECANE / LA REDOUTE pro team were riding on TOUR DE FRANCE in 1981.



Bicycle Make:           Motobecane

Bicycle model:          Pro Equipe

Date of Manufacture:    1982


Frame: Columbus SL

Cinelli bottom bracket shell.

Saddle: Sella Italia Turbo “Motobecane” model

Seatpost: Simplex SLJ

Handlebar: Cinelli Giro D’Italia

Stem: Cinelli 1R / Record.

Brake calipers: Weinmann AG Carrera 400

Brake Levers: Weinmann AG Carrera 400

Crankset: Stronglight 107,

Bottom bracket: Stronglight Competition

Pedals: Spidel 700 (Dural)  with “Spidel” dustcaps. Christophe “Plus” leather straps, Christophe Dural toe-clips

Front derailleur: Simplex/Spidel SLJ Motobecane’s “M” model Rear derailleur: Simplex/Spidel Aerodynamic SLJ 6600 Motobecane’s “M” model

Shifters: Simplex SLJ Retrofriction

Hubs: Mavic 550 RD

Rims: Mavic MA40

Tires: Michelin Dynamic Classic 25mm

Headset: Stronglight/ Spidel Competition (Dural )

Freewheel: Maillard Course 6 speed with Dural cogs

Chain: Sedis





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