Bike of the Month – December 2022

Decembers ‘Bike of the Month’ is yet another beautiful Boschetti from  Alessandro Mastroianni who lives in Germany. Here is a link to his website:

Bicycle Make:                         Cicli Boschetti
Bicycle model:                        Cromor
Date of Manufacture: 1990

The bike is built with Columbus Cromor tubing and is fully Campagnolo equipped. The groupset is Campagnolo Athena from the C Record era which came often with the Record Ergopower shifters, similar to the Chorus.
It features some special parts such as, for instance, the Giorgio Siligardi pedal extension or the Boschetti pantographed stem and seatpost.

Other information:     
The stunning paintjob was done by Gianni Schivazappa from Parma who worked for many of thel big bike manufacturers at some stage and was for many years the go-to guy for Rino Boschetti and his frames.
Boschetti got this bike build for a good friend who lovingly cared for the bike so the paint is showing little signs of wear and is well preserved.
The Giorgio Siligardi pedals is the second evolution of the special extension. The previous  version was too heavy and couldn’t really be used in races, Gilardi then came up with this lighter aluminium extension. The issue with this was that when turning the regular Campagnolo clipless pedals often scratched on the asphalt. That was when Boschetti and Siligardi developed the Sistem Bos pedals, which have a special aerodynamic shape. They have been used by some racers during the 1990s but eventually went out of production. Here’s the link to the Sistem Bos pedals:

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