1987 Raleigh SBDU 753

  • 141210 SBDU 06
  • 141210 SBDU 01
  • 141210 SBDU 02
  • 141210 SBDU 03
  • 141210 SBDU 04
  • 141210 SBDU 05

Originally ridden by Peter Winnen the Dutch Professional who was third in the Tour de France in 1983 this rare Raleigh was recently acquired by Shane Courtney. It has been restored to its former glory with  Campagnolo Super Record groupset & Mavic GP4 rims, 3TTT bars and ISCA Sella Vuelta saddle. As soon as we receive some more photographs of this beautiful build we will post them here.

141210 SBDU 01 141210 SBDU 02 141210 SBDU 03 141210 SBDU 04 141210 SBDU 05

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3 Responses

  1. Shane says:

    Ide better mention that these were a few photos from ebay & of the bike at one stage during the build. I hadn’t expected them to be posted ha ha ha.. It was just to be a record of what it was looking like at that point during the build.

    Rest assured the rear dérailleur cable housing has since been replaced to the proper Campagnolo steel type & likewise the pedals. I was in a hurry to get on the road… so needs must 🙂 The Campagnolo headset was also reinstated from the Shimano headset it arrived with….. more of that another time .. The bike is more or less finished now & racking up the winter miles. Its a joy to ride, the handling puts my race bike (Bianchi Oltre Xr) to shame.

    I will forward better photos of the bike & components as soon as I get the chance ………

  2. Shane says:

    It is likely this bike would have been used by Peter Winnen in the ’87 Giro to support Robert Miller who took the King of the Mountains jersey & protected Stephen Roche from the Italian (Visconti) fans out for his blood …

  3. Gerard Mc Carthy says:

    Nice bike Shane, and your well able to pedal it too.

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