Dungarvan CC Hill Climb Championships

It is well known that a cyclist’s greatest enemy is the wind. The second enemy is, of course, the incline; there are many other adversaries that experienced cyclists  are well aware of, too many to list here. Of course cyclists like a challenge so why not have the National Hill Climb Championships on the side of a windy mountain? If that is not hard enough why not make try to make it harder for yourself?

 If you are a tricyclist there are many more obstacles. For example; you can’t honk up a hill, it is hard to maintain a straight line, and your chances of getting a puncture are increased by 33% and of course you are seen as a bit of an eccentric by those who have limited themselves to two wheels.

Have a look at the photos below and you can decide if OldVelo Brendan Hennessy deserved the award he received at the Munster Hill Climb Championships promoted by the Dungarvan Cycling Club: Winner of the ‘Steel Tricycle  pre 1960’ category!

– thanks, once again to Seán Rowe for permission to use his fantastic photographs

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