Medical Miracle in Midleton!

After the mishap the great Alan Frame experienced at last week’s CX event we thought there was no hope of recovery and like so many others we had prematurely consigned AF to the great skip in the sky.  How wrong we were!


As a result of, possibly, Alchemy, Chemistry and advances in modern medicine AF has made a full recovery and will live to ride another day.   In what must be the cycling equivalent of a prosthesis the old gear hanger was amputated and replaced with a shiny new old stock ‘bolt on’ one.


The staff in the OldVelos Emergency Room performed the operation without anesthetic (they say) but there was mention of a bottle of Chianti being consumed. There were some worries after the operation as the patient seemed somewhat unresponsive. Fortunately there was a ‘Badger & King’ defibrillator on site which restored everything to as it should be.



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