l’Eroica 2014 Team manager

l'Eroica Training program 2014Our team manager for l’Eroica 2014 has put many long hours into planning for the event as you can see from this photo. The training program he used may be slightly unorthodox but his real area of expertise is in the use of recovery drinks. Here he can be seen studying one of the many tomes he has in his library on this subject.

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  1. John Deegan says:

    I just can’t respect a man who doesn’t put athletic achievement before lashings of wine !!! JD

  2. Paul Musgrave says:

    Good luck everyone heading to L’Eroica!!!! Looking forward to the photo’s when you all get back

  3. Ray Barnes says:

    Paul Naughton is a First Class team manager. He collected the team’s stars from their homes and brought them to the airport. He put his body on the line by having a Full Irish in the airport. Paul has great food and beverage knowledge, he always insured that only the best was fed to his team and assisted those who could not finish dinner. Paul has a good nose for classic wines. One evening in a Giaole restaurant he sniffed out a ‘corked’ wine in front his exhausted team. What a man!
    His cycling leadership is beyond doubt! Always first down the hill – there were many- and last up the hill, insuring that everyone was back on. Paul’s evening team bonding sessions are legendary ! Not on for an early night, he demonstrated best practices in building endurance and rehydration. UCI take note, Paul runs a clean team.
    L’Eroica Manager of 2014 has to be ‘Les Plonquer’ Paul Naughton.

  4. Joe mulkerrin says:

    Every team should have a traveling sommelier

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