Brendan Hennessy’s mount for l’Eroica 2014

CL detail 2 Side view CL detail 1 Chater le headset Chainset Brooks tool kit Bottle Cage Downtube DSCN0175 Extension detail Front fork Handlebars right Head tube Secondry liquid supply Seat tube Seat lug Rear hub Rear dropout Main fuel resevoir

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5 Responses

  1. Paul Musgrave says:

    Good on you Brendan, make sure you drink that bottle before you get all the way round the course so you have room for the one you’ll get at he end

  2. Brendan Hennessy says:

    Alec Darragh that bottle was definitely full when I dropped the bike over! Speaking about dropping things you can let that 3rd ‘e’ go in my name (and that of my cognac ancestors also)!

    Here’s hoping 42×18 gets me through Tuscany!


  3. Gerard Mc Carthy says:

    Best of luck on your upcoming trip to Italy.
    42 x 18 ha! you sure know how to make a lovely holiday difficult.

  4. Brendan Hennessy says:

    Thanks Ger,

    No doubt others will find a way of making my holiday easier “oh I’d love a glass a red, thanks lads”

    Thanks for the shoes too – a little bit of Kerry in Chianti!


  5. Nial Darragh says:

    Is that a screw cap bottle ? If not the cork could blow above 500 mtrs.and the contents could be lost on the descent.

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