Toin le Gaoth at l’Eroica 2014

Dreaming of the start

Dreaming of the start


Food stop 001Food stop 002Food stop 003High Noon in GaioleLeaving thefood stop 001On the road 001On the road 002On the road 003On the road 004On the road 005Preparing to leave 001Reflective momentTesting brakesThe Start 001The Start 002Group

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6 Responses

  1. Brendan Hennessy says:

    Did ye bring him back in the bus lads?

  2. adarragh says:

    No we left him behind, not sure if the climate here would suit him.

  3. Nial Darragh says:

    Great memories. LEroica 2014 was such a great event. I knew that 75kms was enough but the ride home after was the icing on the cake.

  4. Barry Mullane says:

    Great photos guys! It looks like ye had a ball……………

  5. adarragh says:

    The new recruit joined us by using the ‘ Granny Rule’ of Irish sports. We could not find anyone old enough to refute his claim.

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