OldVelos Vintage Classic 2023

Where it all started !!

This years event is slightly ‘pared back’ compared to previous years. This will take a lot of pressures off the organisers and give us time to talk (and ride!) with the participants to see what OldVelos have leaned from the past ten years and plan for improving and growing the event in the coming years.

The OldVelos Festival of Cycling on September 16th at Curraghmore House is being designated by us as a meet and ride out. What does this mean for you and for us:

For you: 

■ You get to meet up and enjoy a leisurely club type spin on a pre-determined course with like minded enthusiasts.

■ You get to choose from 25 / 40 /55 mile courses

■ Choose the route best for you and no one gets left behind

■ No pre-registration or event entry fee

■ Pay a charge on the day to cover entry to Curraghmore House

■ Bring or Purchase your own provisions

■ Sell or swap parts with friends

■ Vote for the winner of the Concours d’Elégance

 What does this mean for us:

● We get to enjoy you enjoying our meet

● We don’t need to stress about expectations (or the weather!)

● With the resources we have we are reducing the ‘organising’ to a minimum

● We get to ride our bikes

● We get to enter the Concours d Elégance

OldVelos 40 mile Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/2997636995159376076

The start time for this event is approximately 10:00

Vintage Classic Recommended Route 50 miles (please note route starts at Curraghmore House and does not include Mahon Falls). https://www.strava.com/routes/3002662787927783032

The start time for this event is approximately 10:00

The ‘Twine & Tweed’ Cycle: This is a 25 mile leisure spin so if you want to dust down your ‘High Nelly’ and don an appropriate outfit, this is for you!

The start time for this event is 11:00

We are hoping that by staggering the start times we will all arrive back at Curraghmore for lunch at about 13:00 – 14:00

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