Bike of the Month – April 2021

When you hear the words ‘curvaceous’ and ‘Italian’ in the same sentence people usually think of Ferrari. There must be something in the air in the Province of Modena as it is also the place where the ‘Boschetti Rino Multi Shape’ bicycle frame was built.

This was a frame made out of the very rare Coloumbus MS (Multi Shape) tubing which was developed by them with the assistance of the company ‘Gilco’. The tube set was created with each tube designed with each tube having different profile to maximise the strength to deal with different stresses.

Alessandro Mastroianni who is currently based in Dublin, Ireland is the fortunate owner of this fairly unique and desirable bike.

Bicycle Make:           Boschetti

Bicycle model:          Shape

Date of Manufacture:    1991

The groupset is a strange mix of Campagnolo Record and Veloce. The wheels are built with Campagnolo Omega rims. Handlebars and stem com from Dedi and Modolo respectively.

Other information:  
As you can see from the photographs the bike is beautifully pantographed, displaying the builders brand name and the model of the frame and also paying tribute to Colombus and the innovative tubeset.

Collectors will no doubt be pleased to hear that this bike is for sale. It would not take a lot of work to bring this up to Concours standard. If you want a useable and desirable piece of cycling history we think this would be worth considering. If you want more information please feel free to contact us.


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