Ode to a Mighty Gael

Along came Landers

On race eve I asked Anthony Kenneally

If I could come to the Youghal course for a ‘ganders

Who did I not expect to meet?

But the bold Brian Landers


In his jeans, hobnail boots and

A mountain bike with fenders

Says ‘I’ll show you the route’

Me and Brian Landers.


The course it had everything

Turns, drops and tricky cambers

He was strong but his bike could kill

Time to take him aside and speak to Brian Landers


Get off that old yoke says I

‘It’s no good, it meanders’

My antique will be faster

I’ll teach you Brian Landers.


Will you ride tomorrow?

“I don’t know” he ponders

“I’ve never raced cyclocross”

Always a first Brian Landers.


“B-racers to the grid”

The MC commanders

I take a look around

No sign of Brian Landers


We were down a few

You wouldn’t call them philanders’

Holidays, mishaps and flu’

But up pops Brian Landers


The B-race is an amateur crew

But to our gear we still pander

“Who’s yer man in running shoes?”

Who else, but Brian Landers.


The first chicanes were fast

Of the lungs the legs demanders

I’ve a few ahead of me,

Behind me Brian Landers


He passed me on the boards

They were made for highlanders

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was you”

That’s a quote, from Brian Landers


The shouts for him grew loud

These were no ordinary bystanders

Hosts Youghal CC backed their man

And roared for Brian Landers.


I had told him the hillock needs higher gears

It marked the border for mainlanders

The tide would soon draw near

The sand beckoned for Brian Landers


He took it in his stride

Over it he sauntered

Passed the competition out

The last they saw of Brian Landers


Five laps from the back

He overtook like an old-hander

He hauled them in bar two

And in 3rd came Brian Landers



So when you tell your kids

You know that neo-pro in Flanders

You can tell them how it started out

When along came Brian Landers!


Photo credits to Dave O’Brien, Jonathan Flynn and Sean Rowe.


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