Restoration is easy if you have the right team

  • Tools&Helpers
  • BottomBracket
  • ChaterLea
  • FullFrontal
  • HeadTubeDetail
  • ThanetFrame

This excellent Thanet Silverlight was restored by Colum Lynch and some of his helpers in Cork. The restoration speaks for itself, an absolute work of art but have a look at the video of the build being executed. The link is below the photographs:


The tools and helpers.


Bottom Bracket detail.


Chater Lea chainset.


Full Frontal.


Head Tube detail.








And here is the link to the team at work, it has to be seen: <Click Here>

Before you ask, no they will not take on work for third parties.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Musgrave says:

    What can I say, what an absolute stunner of a bike, and the video of the restoration is the best thing I have seen in ages. Congrats to all involved

  2. Brendan Hennessy says:

    Shared this on the US vintage site Classic Rendezvous, immediate replies:

    ” The video is a delight. Not to be missed”

    “Oh no, the secret is out to how we REALLY do it!”

    Well done Colum,


  3. Seamus O Ceallaigh says:

    Cool Video……….I’d hate to ask how long it took to shoot!

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