Restoration is easy if you have the right team

  • Tools&Helpers
  • BottomBracket
  • ChaterLea
  • FullFrontal
  • HeadTubeDetail
  • ThanetFrame

Here is the link to the team at work, it has to be seen: <Click Here>

Before you ask, no they will not take on work for third parties.

This excellent Thanet Silverlight was restored by Colum Lynch and some of his helpers in Cork. The restoration speaks for itself, an absolute work of art but we recommend  looking at the video of the build being executed.


The tools and helpers.


Bottom Bracket detail.


Chater Lea chainset.


Full Frontal.


Head Tube detail.



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3 Responses

  1. Paul Musgrave says:

    What can I say, what an absolute stunner of a bike, and the video of the restoration is the best thing I have seen in ages. Congrats to all involved

  2. Brendan Hennessy says:

    Shared this on the US vintage site Classic Rendezvous, immediate replies:

    ” The video is a delight. Not to be missed”

    “Oh no, the secret is out to how we REALLY do it!”

    Well done Colum,


  3. Seamus O Ceallaigh says:

    Cool Video……….I’d hate to ask how long it took to shoot!

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