Nessa Rochford’s Socks

Have you ever spied

When to CX races she rocks

Her ankles are so well dressed

They’re Nessa Rochford’s socks.

I eyed them first at Crossbarrs

Where the competition she outfoxed

Kanturk and Strata3 were good

But no match for De Ronde socks.

In Clonmel she had a twin set,

Not cardigan, pearls or frocks

The League leader’s jersey she adorned

With bright red matching socks.

Of course opposition she has

Like Lucy, Grace and Ag Woz’nok

But ladies don’t you realise

It’s really all about the socks.

Heh you fans of Mario Cipollini

Whose skinsuits’ rules did mock

To Nessa you must now look

‘Just her ankles and her socks.

Hence to our sponsors Verge I urge

A way to up your shares and stocks

No more need to sell shorts and tops

When you can just sell Nessa socks.

Sad Verse: I saw a tear in here eye

She seemed to be in shock

When at Drombane she was foiled and

Worse, muddied her favourite socks.

So next week at the Munster Champs’

It won’t be Over the Top

To shout and roar at our Nessa

And scream….SHE’S BEHIND YOU,

No wait, that’s not it, I have it now



Páisti má bhionn sí do mhuinteoir

Agus is maith leat rud a cheannach

Tá suil againn, tá fhios agaibh,

Níl ach rud amháin, siad socks!


– Brendan Hennessy (The Bard of the Bike)


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