‘Trouble with the Youngest’ – new title by cycling author, competitor and fanatic Brendan Hennessy

The latest title by author and regular contributor to ‘OldVelos’ has been released.

‘Trouble with the Youngest’ is a miscellany of musings, observations, anecdotes and random thoughts from a mind that has been subjected to the rigours of cycling on the highways and byways of Ireland. This publication is available on line for the low price of €8 from our webshop (€10 incl P&P).


Here is what readers say about TWTY:-

… a great read – I am certainly encouraged to give up cycling and take up golf’ – Webmaster at Oldvelos.com

‘… why does this Brendan continue to subject himself to these ordeals, has he not heard about carbon fibre and multiple gears’ – bike shop owner Co Cork.

……. I could have married someone who had a normal pastime’ – wife of BH

‘…….. he started out as a normal child but no one would listen when I said that bang on the head looked serious’  – Mother

‘….. there is only so much you can do, sometimes you have to admit defeat’  – Psychologist

…….. I swear, Your Honour’ he offered cash for the rusting relic’ – the defendant , a former bicycle shop salesman.

…… great book Brendan I will definitely save up and buy a copy, and yes, we always start the club spins from a different location and I have no idea how it happened that your Facebook account was blocked’ – clubmate


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  1. adarragh says:

    Will definitely add this to my ‘must read’ list after ‘Finegans Wake’.

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